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Monday, August 18, 2014

Wellness continues to pay dividends for one of our retired alumni

We have a blog similar to this one that goes out during the year to our Pinnacol alumni. The average tenure at Pinnacol is 10 years so when employees leave they tend to want to stay informed about what's going on with the company and with other alumni. Recently one of our alumn's shared that she had completed quite an athletic accomplishment.

Wellness initiatives at Pinnacol are nothing new and our benefits team of Vanessa and Paige do a tremendous job of creating a unique blend of offerings to help employees stay healthy.

One of our alumn's, Anne, has taken wellness to a whole new level having just completed an Ironman competition held in Boulder. No stranger to long distance events this was her second Ironman. Anne retired from Pinnacol several years ago and clearly hasn't slowed down at all. Congratulations Anne on quite an accomplishment. Knowing Anne, she's probably already training for Ironman #3!

Pinnacol Foundation awards $400,000 in Scholarships for 2014-15 school year

For the upcoming 2014-215 school year the Pinnacol Foundation has awarded $400,000 in scholarships to 113 students across Colorado.

“We are immensely proud of each of these students, and especially proud of the 61 scholars who are first generation college students,” said Carole Sumption, chair of the Pinnacol Foundation Board of Directors. “We are delighted to be able to help these students as they work toward their academic and career goals, and know these students will soon be making valuable contributions to our Colorado communities.”

Over the last 14 years the Pinnacol Foundation has given scholarships totaling nearly $3.3 million to the children of Colorado workers who were killed or seriously injured in work-related accidents. Created in 2000, the Pinnacol Foundation assists those families after a workplace accident. Since the Pinnacol Foundation’s inception, it has awarded scholarships to over 400 children of injured workers. The average scholarship amount is over $3,500 for the upcoming school year. Students may use the funds at any accredited institution of higher learning for vocational training and undergraduate degrees, and may reapply up to five years or to age 25.

One of this year's scholarship recipients, Samantha Manion, has a father who was injured in a work related traffic accident which left him permanently disabled. Samantha, who will be attending Community College of Denver this Fall, is one of the many first generation college students awarded a scholarship this year. Samantha shares, “The Pinnacol Foundation has done so much to help me with my goals. It is really great to be able to focus on what I actually want to do instead of worrying about how I am going to pay for it.”

To qualify for a Pinnacol Foundation scholarship, a student must be the natural child, adopted child or stepchild of a worker killed or seriously injured in a compensable work-related accident while employed by a Colorado-based business. The Foundation grants scholarships to students regardless of the insurance carrier.  Scholarships are awarded based on the severity of the parent’s injury, financial need, academic achievement, social responsibility (including employment), recommendation letters and a personal essay. Scholarship applications are accepted annually February 1 through April 15.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Product Manager - Enterprise Content Management position now available!

We are looking for an ECM Product Manager to drive the vision and roadmap of our enterprise content management product to ensure business success. Products include electronic capture, business process management, document retention and retrieval. Collaborating with developers, IS managers, business analysts, and executives to meet the business's needs, this position ensures the overall success of these products, not just the delivery of software.

While not an actual management position this role is responsible for assisting in all management functions of the team including: hiring, discipline, establishing performance expectations and providing performance evaluations to staff, time keeping activities, etc.

Candidates should have experience implementing taxonomies, metadata and workflow in content management and collaboration solutions along with experience designing, developing and implementing an Enterprise Content Management solution utilizing Kofax, Perceptive/ImageNow or similar system (experience in these solutions would include document management, document imaging, and workflow). This position requires broad knowledge of systems that integrate with ECM technologies, including Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Forms, communication technologies, and multiple backend database technologies.

Candidates should also bring proven leadership skills with the ability to effectively lead product vision and a small team of software developers to achieve that vision. A Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience on a year for year basis in Computer Science, Information Systems, MIS or Related Field along with 5 years of advanced technical IT experience (i.e. programming, quality assurance, business analyst, etc.) is required and candidates should also have 3-5 years' experience working with Enterprise Content Management and collaboration technologies. Insurance related experience is a plus.

If you are interested in this role we'd love to hear from you! Please apply via our company website.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick update on some of our open positions!

I just posted a new opportunity for a Business Services Representative. The Business Service Representative, or BSR as we call it internally, is a great opportunity for folks with strong PC/software skills, math aptitude, excellent communication and customer service skills and the ability to type 35 wpm to join our company. No specific insurance experience is required which opens the door to far more candidates than our openings that do require a specific industry background. The BSR role is also one from which we routinely promote to higher level positions.

As mentioned above, some of our job postings do require specific industry backgrounds and I had posted one of these a couple of days ago. We are looking for an experienced Marketing Representative who brings a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience along with prior marketing and sales experience in the insurance industry with proven results. Property/casualty insurance and/or Colorado agent and Safety Group program experience is required for this position.

We also have a variety of other opportunities including Ruby and Java Developers and Nurse Case Managers among others. You can always see a complete list of our opportunities at our company website.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pinnacol expands its presence on Western Slope

Pinnacol's new Grand Junction offices recently had their Grand Opening. We've had an office in Grand Junction since 1993 but with 5,000 square feet of space the new location now includes additional meeting and training space. Our CEO, Phil Kalin, was in town to celebrate the Grand Opening and he pointed out that Pinnacol covers nearly 7,000 policyholders in western Colorado. Pinnacol is also allowing the Western Slope Safety Council to use the new office's training space at no charge.

I was out in Grand Junction a couple of months ago when we were hiring for a new Business Services Representative and had an early peek at the new offices and they are very nice. To see some local coverage of the Grand Opening click here to see a local T.V. segment or here to read  more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bike To Work Day Part Two...

As I mentioned in yesterday's post Pinnacol employees were excited about participating in the annual Bike to Work festivities. Everyone made it in safe and sound. There seemed to be a lot more rest areas set up this year than last and they all seemed to be doing a brisk business when it came to providing refreshments and nourishment. If I have one suggestion to the folks that put on this great event it would be to encourage these rest areas to be open for the return trip in the afternoon. Most riders can get into work in the morning with no problem but the rest areas can perhaps prove most helpful for the afternoon ride after a long day's work and now tired muscles. I had mentioned that our CEO, Phil, was planning to participate and true to his word he made the jaunt to the office with the rest of us. Hopefully for most participants it won't be another year before they saddle up and ride, but if that is the case we'll look forward to seeing them again in 2015 and a special Thank You!!! to all the volunteers and staff who put on this year's event...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bike to Work Day 2014 is upon us!

Denver's Bike to Work Day is tomorrow and you'll see thousands of cyclists making their way to and from work. We have 19 employees signed up including, for the first time, our CEO Phil Kalin. Phil is an avid cyclist who despite the demands of his role still finds time to get out on two wheels. Denver's Bike to Work Day is actually about a month behind the rest of the country where May is usually celebrated as Bike to Work Month. Given our weather its probably a good idea to wait until June. I was mountain biking this last weekend in the mountains and was still having to hike-a-bike through snow drifts at the higher elevations. I don't think the forecast for tomorrow includes snow but I can remember some Bike to Work events from years past where the morning ride was under clear blue skies and the ride home was spent slogging through afternoon thunderstorms and downpours. Ahh, the joys of cycling!

This year there is more than the usual amount of construction impacting a lot of the major bike routes so if you see cyclists on your favorite road it may be that they have been displaced from their normal paths. The good news is that motorists should see less traffic on the road, at least of a motorized nature. For some riders tomorrow is just another day of commuting on two wheels but there will be a fair number of cyclists who will be nursing some sore muscles by the time they get home tomorrow night. I rode in this morning and saw only a handful of other riders but I know tomorrow it will be downright crowded. The Denver Post estimates there will be in excess of 30,000 cyclists participating this year and Denver's event is second only to San Francisco which draws upward of 40,000 riders. Those 30,000 Denver cyclists represent approximately 25,000 fewer vehicles on the road.

If you have never participated, the folks that put this event on (the Denver Regional Council of Governments) do a nice job of arranging all sorts of events and rest areas across town that make it easier for cyclists not used to much saddle time to get where they are going. So if you have a bike sitting at home now is the perfect time to dust that saddle off, oil up that squeaky chain, pump up those soft tires and head on out with the rest of us. You'll have lots of company and a great time!